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How to Play

WASD to move around. Mouse to aim and shoot. Double click and hold left and right arrow keys to active side rockets.

All keys can be changed!


A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell as have all life-forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible horrible creatures.

You too have been turned into a mutant but with one notable difference - you have big guns and a funky slime powered jet pack unit!

It's a battle for survival. You need food the other mutants need food it's either you or them. Kill anything and everything that gets in your way and maybe just maybe you'll get through the nuclear holocaust alive.

Choose from your stash of weapons to kill the mutants. Each weapon gains XP points the more enemy you kill. Look out for power-ups after you kill the enemy you're going to need 'em. Good luck!


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